Week 21 of 2015

ready to serve in tennisSaturday saw us at a tennis event at our local club.  H goes there every Friday anyway, but this time I went down to play too.  It was part of the Great British Tennis Weekend.  We had a lot of fun, but my body knew about it even straight afterwards.  It’s been a while since I’ve done much aerobic exercise due to hurting my ankle in December.  Thankfully, the ankle held up, so I think the message is to ease myself back in gently.

Practising the bumps on a bikeWe did some more work on increasing H’s confidence on a bike.  He’s been reluctant to cycle on anything, but a pretty smooth, even surface, but we managed to encourage him over some bumps and dips this week.

gaming roomIt’s been quite a busy week because we have had the decorator in to do some work.  This room is going to be used (in part at least) for the new xbox one that we have bought.  We have given the room a tidy out and a fresh lick of paint.  It’s an attic room with a smallish north facing window, so it made sense to use a light, bright yellow on the walls.  Nearly done now and I’m looking forward to getting this room finished very soon.

bearwood bear trailUnusually for me, I haven’t organised much for half term, but we will certainly be getting out and about a bit.  One of the things we are planning to do is this bear trail not too far from us.  We were passing nearby the other day and got a sneak preview.  Local community organisations have decorated the bears and you can follow them round the area.

Anyone For Tennis

ready for tennisWe are very lucky that a few years ago a tennis club opened up close to us, using some tennis courts that belong to a local school.  There are a lot of clubs in the city , in fact Birmingham, where we live, was the birthplace of lawn tennis.  Birmingham’s leafy Edgbaston suburb boasts the world’s oldest surviving tennis club, known locally as the Archery, and also the Priory which hosts professional tournaments.  H initially had the coaches come into his school to teach and then he started going to tennis club soon after.  At the moment H just does tennis and swimming for sports and he’s picked tennis out above football and rugby, which he’d previously tried.

great british tennis weekendI’m glad he picked out tennis because it was my favourite sport growing up.  I spent a lot of time practising, but was never that good, probably because I didn’t get any coaching to speak of at school.  At university I had some lessons with a proper coach and quickly found I improved.  For me the great thing about tennis is that it is so easy to play in terms of equipment and there are so many places you can play it.  I loved just knocking up a ball against a wall and my school had the best wall for this.  Even at home we had a reasonable amount of space as long as I didn’t go overboard with my shots.  I was often in the park playing too either with our neighbours or with a friend from school.  It’s a very sociable sport I always think as it’s great for a small group of friends to play together.

#anyonefortennisWe went down to H’s tennis club last weekend to take part in the Great British Tennis Weekend.  I thought I’d be playing with H, but I got talked into playing with adults and ended up working quite hard.  To begin with I was badly out of practice, but by the end of the session I’d started hitting my backhand again which was a source of much satisfaction.  I’m thinking about taking tennis up again myself and it would be fun if we could play together as a family.  There are two more Great British Tennis Weekends to come on 13 & 14 June and 1 & 2 August, so I’d encourage you to get involved.

Saturday is Caption Day: Cats

burmese catsAnyone who regularly follows the blog or my Instagram feed will have seen many a picture of our cats sleeping together.  They sleep an awful lot it seems, but cats do and they are getting a bit old these days.  This last week or so though they have spent a lot of time outside and have been a lot more active.  There has been some kittenish behaviour going on charging up and down the garden path, up and down the stairs and into wet paint leaving paw prints behind on the gloss work.  One evening I was out in the garden with the cats and I snapped this shot.  I thought you might like to caption it.  Any ideas?

Father’s Day Competition

Father's Day GiftFather’s Day is always a tough one to buy a present for I think. Have you thought about buying your dad some tea?  Tea is the number two drink in the UK and it’s second only to water.  British Tea Lovers have come up with a special edition gift for Father’s Day. I’d not come across British Tea Lovers before, but they specialise in premium quality leaf tea made with carefully selected young tea leaves from the world’s best tea gardens.  This makes their tea delicate, light and refreshingly crisp.

Nine to Three Thirty have teamed up with British Tea Lovers to offer a discount code, which you will be able to redeem for a 10% discount DAD157.  If you sign up for their newsletter, you can get a further 10% off (maximum of two codes per order).  In the meantime I have a Father’s Day tea gift to give away to one lucky reader.

Competition Terms and Conditions
1. No bulk, third-party or automated entries.

2. Entrants must be UK residents aged 18 years or older.

3. The winners will be chosen by a random draw.

4. The winner will be notified by email and will have a week to claim their prize. Should they fail to respond within this time, an alternative winner will be selected.

5. Promoter is responsible for fulfilling the prize and full contact details of the winner will be passed onto the promoter.

6. Competition closes on 3 June 2015.
Father's Day Tea Giveaway