Week 5 of 2015

sleeping boyLast weekend H was still quite tired after going swimming three days in a row and having a one to one tennis lesson on the Friday evening too.  So we had a fairly quiet weekend, mostly at home.   H needed a little downtime to recover.  Monday was just a fairly normal day, pretty uneventful.

indian food at Lasan BirminghamTuesday was Mr Nine to Three Thirty‘s last day at work before having a few days off for his birthday.  We celebrated by visiting Lasan, an award-winning Indian restaurant in Birmingham’s jewellery quarter. This was a review for my foodie and lifestyle blog A Little Luxury For MeWe have a lovely meal there sampling the taster menu with the matching wine flight, which was very indulgent.

It’s been an indulgent week for food. This lovely pudding @FiestadelAsado #fiestadelasado #pancakes

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The next day I went out for lunch with Clearly Bex, she was reviewing another local restaurant: Fiesta del Asado, and she’d very kindly invited me along to join her.  It was great to catch up without the children in tow.

balcony bar selfridges birminghamThursday was another foodie treat with a visit to The Balcony, Selfridges to celebrate their first birthday.  This was a cocktails and canapés party.  Meeting up with other local bloggers is always lovely and we got the chance to catch up with some old friends and meet some new faces.

After all that I think I’m going to have to cut back a bit next week, as I think I ate and drank more this week than I did at Christmas.

Fun In The Snow

snow playWe woke up this morning to surprisebeach toys in the snow snow.  A few days ago we’d had some, but it had all disappeared by the time H came home from school yesterday.  Last night we watched the local weather and they’d said there might be snow on higher ground over 150m I think they said.  We’re on a hill, but I hadn’t really thought about the height, but it seems we are quite a bit higher than 150m and we did have snow.  Sadly even though there was quite a lot of it, it was that big, wet snow that doesn’t last long.  Even by the time we were all up and dressed, it was starting to thaw rapidly. It seemed that sledging was a no go, so I suggested to H that he go out in the garden to play instead.  That way he could get out quickly and it he got cold or wet, he could get in just as quickly too.

snow seahorseOn Twitter @sunoffabeach had mentioned someone using a bucket and spade in the snow, so I thought well why not get all the beach toys out and see what H can make with them.  So we dusted off the beach toys and scattered the sand from Clacton or where ever we were last on the beach around the garden.  Then H set to work making his slightly slushy ice/snow sculptures.  Ever seen a seahorse made out of snow?

crouching in the snowIt didn’t take long of course till his gloves were sopping wet. The snow was so watery and was melting so quickly.  I’m glad though that we seized the chance to get out in the snow, just in case we don’t have any more this year.  H was very disappointed last winter to get no snow at all and he’s still itching to get a good chance to play in it. He’s still hoping for a snow day off school too.


Saturday is Caption Day: Bookworm

bookworm catThe other week I was taking some pics for a book review I am doing of An Elephant for Breakfast by Zella Hunter.  The photo shoot was going well, but it seems someone couldn’t bear not to be the centre of attention.  Our cats do have a habit of doing this: some months ago I tried to get a picture taken of me doing a head stand, which proved impossible because one of the cats kept wanting to nuzzle up to my face while I was upside down.  H is quite used to the cats trying to get in on the act and didn’t let the feline arrival put him off his stride.  Anyway can you caption this bookworm cat?

New Year resolutions: Are they going as planned?

yoga headstand new year's resolutions By now many New Year’s resolutions will have fallen by the wayside.  I tend to try to make positive changes through the year, but there is something about the return to normal life after Christmas that makes you want to make some progress.  For me it was about getting back to normal eating.  For a year and a half now I have been following my own ‘diet’.  It’s not really about calorie counting, but around keeping the waistline in check, whilst living a normal life.  On normal weekdays I can please myself what I eat for breakfast and lunch, so I keep these healthy and cut back on the carbs.  Then I can eat a normal evening meal with the family.  At weekends or holidays I can relax a little and I just go back to normal when I can.

Inevitably, there’s always an extra pound or two to lose after Christmas and a few weeks back on the healthy eating waggon has worked benefits.  That said, there have been some yummy treats lately that have certainly made losing any extra weight a little harder.  Not complaining though.

The other thing I have been trying to do is more yoga.  I’ve become quite a convert to yoga over recent years and I feel it has improved my suppleness and strength. It was difficult to do it when I hurt my ankle as some poses were very uncomfortable.  Since Christmas though my teacher, who is very experienced, has shown me how to use props to help me get into and hold the poses.  I’ve been able to most of what I usually do that way.  After my classes I always feel I have moved on and I’ve been doing more practice at home to keep that improvement going.  The good thing about yoga is that when you are doing poses regularly, it helps you chart your progress.  For instance, for one pose I usually use 2 blocks, but I had to go up to 3 because of my ankle and now I am back to two again, so I know I am improving.

It’s difficult to see ahead and understand what the future will bring.   Will you stick to your resolutions or not?  Maybe TheCircle Free Horoscopes can help you get an idea of how you’ll do.

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