LeapBand : Get Your Kids Active

We were asked to try out the new LeapBand from LeapFrog.  It arrived just in time for our holiday to the Essex coast and it was a godsend.  Before we left H was running and jumping all over the garden having a go at the various challenges to help him unlock points and keep his pet happy.  When he wasn’t able to be active, like when he was in the back of the car, he enjoyed caring for his pet.  This is a great way to learn about things like eating healthily.

I’d originally intended to just use the LeapBand on holiday, but H was so excited by its arrival, that he wanted to start using it then and there.  Once he got started there was no stopping him. Children wear the LeapBand on their wrist like a watch, so it’s very portable.  The strap is chunky and should last well.  To protect the electronics the case is water-resistant.  The battery life seems good, better than my phone anyway and the screen is of decent quality for the price tag. It’s very easy to set it up and get going, especially if you already have a LeapFrog account like we do.

H has had a lot of fun with this toy over the last week or two of his summer holidays and I can see him getting more use out of it, even though he is at the top of the 4-7 years recommended age range.

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Mike the Knight: Journey to Dragon Mountain

Mike the Knight Journey to Dragon Mountain

At the weekend we were invited to Warwick Castle for a screening of Journey to Dragon Mountain. Journey to Dragon Mountain is the first feature-length film from Mike the Knight.  Mike’s father, the king, returns from travelling to faraway lands, but he discovers that the Vikings have stolen a treasured crystal jewel from the dragon of Dragon Mountain. It is the King’s mission to return the jewel and he plans to complete his task alone, but Mike and Evie have other ideas. The King, Mike and Evie form Team Family Glendragon and their quest is filled with dangerous obstacles from meddlesome gargoyles to giant dragons.

Mike the Knight: Journey to Dragon Mountain is a fun film which both H and I really enjoyed.  H still loves the Mike the Knight series and he was keen to see the latest episode from Mike and his friends.  It’s great to see Mike on a longer adventure with more chance to practise his knightly skills.

Mike the Knight at Warwick CastleMike the Knight is at Warwick Castle again this coming weekend and you can get the chance to meet Mike and take part in various mediaeval missions. H found this a lot of fun and enjoyed the hobby horse racing at Galahad’s Gallop and tried his hand at the Blacksmith’s Horse Shy.  There’s so much to do at Warwick Castle, it can be hard to fit it all in.  This time we did the rampart walk; explored the magnificent state rooms and watched the stunning falconry display.

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Rainbow Braid 5400 Piece Refill Kit Review

Rainbow Braid 5400 Piece Refill KitOver the last few weeks we have been reviewing the Rainbow Braid 5400 Piece Refill Kit.  Inside the kit you get the following:


  • 8 Colours and 250 Clips to Make Rubber Band Bracelets
  • 300 Each of 18 Different Colours
  • Solid/Neons (Red, Purple, Turquoise, Light Blue, Dark Blue)
  • Fluorescents (Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Orange, Purple)
  • Glitters (Pink, Blue, Purple, Orange, Green)
  • Bolds (Black, White)

So it’s a pretty comprehensive colour and pattern range which will allow you to make a wide range of items from your loom bands.  As you get 300 of each colour you are unlikely to run out part way through your project too.

Now if you have read any of the news reports about loom bands, you’ll know that they aren’t all the same.  Quality does vary.  Sometimes most of your bands will break, but with these Rainbow Braid bands, we didn’t have that problem.  Another worry is around the health issues so it’s good to know that these have been independently tested and are free of lead and phthalates.

loom band loomH has been really keen to try out loom bands.  Now we have made some by hand, in fact the whole family joined in and made a bracelet each.  We have also been trying out some more complex patterns on our loom too. This flower design was more complicated,but straightforward with the help of a loom.  I’ve had to help H a little with this, but he was able to do some of it himself.

I’d recommend the Rainbow Braid 5400 Piece Refill Kit because you get so many good quality loom bands in one pack and a great range of colours.

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Lego Movie DVD Review

Lego MovieH is a big Lego fan, as regular readers will know, and he was naturally very interested in going to see the Lego Movie when it was on at the cinema. We don’t go to the cinema very often and for some reason it didn’t happen at the time.  We were probably too busy doing other stuff or the weather was too nice (I always think the cinema should be reserved for bad weather).  So H has had to wait to see the whole film (he’s seen lots of clips) until it came out on DVD.

It has been a monster hit.  He can’t stop watching it.  He’s really loving it.  He’s watched it multiple times on both the DVD and we also have it (included for free) on Flixster so he can stream it too.

The Lego Movie DVD tells the story of a construction worker called Emmet. One day Emmet is at work when he meets Wyldstyle and is immediately very taken with her.   He is so surprised at seeing her he falls down a hole and finds the missing piece of resistance. That makes Wyldstyle believe that Emmet is the Special who will save the Lego universe.  Emmett goes on to come face to face with Bad Cop and learns of Lord Business’s plan to glue which will freeze the Lego universe.  A classic tale of good versus evil.

Of course, there is that famous song Everything is Awesome and H is keen to learn all the words as there is a sing along version with the words on-screen.  Suppose sent us the DVD to review. You can track the price of The Lego Movie DVD on Suppose!com to make sure you get the best deal.

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