Week 13 of 2015

warwick castle wallsLast Saturday saw us at Warwick Castle testing out their new Time Tower feature, which is pretty fab.  We’ve been to Warwick Castle many times now, but there is always something new to see.  We spent the day with Clearly Bex.  H and Lewis had a lovely time exploring together and playing.  For us adults, there was a lot of chatting; catching up; and photography going on.  Here are the boys recovering from climbing umpteen steps to get up onto the ramparts.

From then on it was a busy week with me trying to clear my to do list before the holidays and H has been doing his usual end of term things.

100m swimming badgeH had another big swimming success on Thursday with his third badge in 3 weeks.  He’s got his 100 metres now.  He also took part in a play for his class assembly and did very well.  Afterwards we got to share a meal (breakfast) with the children – the assembly had been about the Last Supper.  There was an enormous hot buffet and we enjoyed tucking into bacon butties and hash browns together.

Sorting out preparations for H’s birthday has been a bit stressful this week because of the lack of customer service from the venue that we wanted to go to with his friends.  We are sharing the birthday treat with one of his classmates, which adds to the complexity.  Hopefully, we have a plan now, so it’s full steam ahead towards being 8 years old.


Sturdy Toy Storage

28032015 sealife 078If your child’s room is anything like H’s room, you will be fighting a constant battle with mess.  H always has a lot of work in progress: models in various stages of construction, but there is plenty of stuff that is just out and on the floor.  Sometimes you just need somewhere practical to stash all those Lego Hero Factory models or Ninja Turtles.  We have tried a number of storage solutions over the years, but a number of them just weren’t robust enough and we are now thinking we will have to replace them soon, even though they aren’t all that old.  It’s frustrating and it can get needlessly expensive.

white sturdy toy storageToy box storage is available from Great Little Trading Company and we have been trying out one of their toy boxes.  It arrived well packed in protective layers in 6 pieces to assemble at home.  As you can see each piece has a small sticker on telling you that it is piece A or B or whatever.  This certainly helps make things simple.  There are clear instructions with a list of what you should have (with pictures to check back against) in your package.  Luckily, all our stuff was there, so we were able to progress to building.  Another handy feature of the instructions is that they tell you what extra equipment you need to hand (in this case a Phillips head screwdriver).  Each stage is explained with clear pictures and was easy to follow.  We did find that it was a two person job, not with working things out, but just with having an extra pair of hands to hold something in place while you tighten things up.

I’m really pleased with the finished box.  It’s good and sturdy and should last for H’s childhood.  It’s roomy enough to store quite a lot of things.  Sometimes I think toys get forgotten about in boxes, but because you can see into this one, that shouldn’t happen.

Saturday is Caption Day: Vulture Swoops

vulture swoops at Warwick Castle

Last weekend we went to Warwick Castle to see their new Time Tower attraction.  Whilst we were there we also went to see the falconry display which is pretty spectacular.  I took this shot of some rather surprised passers by as the vulture swooped down from the castle walls.  Can you caption the picture?

Trepass Waterproof

standing by a treeI’ve been on and off road testing this colourful waterproof from Trepass. It’s the Florissant Womens Waterproof Jacket and I picked the sorbet colourway.  I’ve been  wearing this on the school run – it’s just the thing as it often seems to rain at half past three, but I’ve also been putting it through its paces out on the hills.

Let me talk you through the jacket.

  • It’s a lined hood that you can fold away if you want to.  I must admit I never bother with this feature, but it does give the jacket a cleaner look if you do.  You can adjust the hood to get a nice close fit and there are two poppers on the chin guard to protect your face from the worst of the weather.
  • The main fastening is a zip with a popper top and bottom and a flap to velcro over.  This provides extra protection from the rain and wind.
  • There’s a cosy soft lining around the neck which is nice against your skin.  The rest of the jacket has a breathable fabric lining to keep you fresh.
  • Around the hemline you get a good fit because of the adjustable drawcord. The cuffs are elasticated and have an adjustable velcro strap.
  • There are zip pockets so you won’t lose your keys.  Always worth having – I once lost my keys without realising on a hill walk and was very lucky to come across them when we retraced our steps.
  • From a technical point of view it can claim to be waterproof to 5000mm.  It benefits from taped seams which help stop moisture from getting through the stitching of the jacket.  It has a breathability rating of 5000mvp.

pink waterproof jacketI’ve been impressed with this jacket.  It’s perfect for wearing on the school run or doing your errands because it looks so good and it keeps you dry.  It’s also weatherproof and breathable enough to take on a longer walk in the country.  I often wear a waterproof jacket rather than bother with an umbrella, especially in the spring or autumn when you don’t need a heavy coat.  I can see me getting a lot of wear from this Trepass jacket.

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