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Elegear Arc-chill Cooling Blanket Review #Ad

cooling blanket
At this time of year sleeping through hot sticky nights can be quite a problem. I find that I need to have a layer over me to help me get to sleep. A duvet is far too much and a sheet feels too light.  Some people suggest putting your bed linen in the freezer for a few hours before bed, but that seems like a lot of faff to me.  The Elegear Arc-chill cooling blanket is a much neater solution.

The Elegear Arc-chill cooling blanket is surprisingly heavy. There’s more weight to it than you’d normally expect from a blanket.  This means that it feels like you are under a cover, rather than something flimsy like a sheet.  It’s a really good solution to the dilemma of wanting a cover, but not wanting to feel too hot.

The blanket uses special Japanese Q-Max 0.4 Cooling Fibers to absorb your body heat.  So you feel cool and comfortable all night long.  The two sides of the blanket feel quite different to the touch, but both are very pleasant.  One side is made from the special 80% mica nylon, 20% PE cooling fabric and this is the side you want next to your skin on a hot night. It is very comfortable and breathable for use on hot summer nights. On the reverse side there’s natural 100% cotton, which is suitable for spring and autumn use when you need a bit more warmth and cosiness.

The blanket feels like a quality product and I particularly like the same colour trim detail around the edges.  It makes the blanket look attractive and well finished, which is good to have on an item that will be in your bedroom.

I found that I could sleep well and feel pleasantly cool through the whole night.  It’s great to be able to turn off the fan (or the air conditioner) and still feel comfortable.  The Elegear summer cool bed blanket fabric features proprietary jade stone particles, making it softer to touch. Meanwhile, The 100% cotton features excellent breathability, which can wick the moisture away. I’ve been using mine alongside my Luxear Arc-chill Cooling Pillowcases which means that my head as well as my body can benefit from the cooling fabric.  I think it would be really useful for those that suffer from night sweats too.  Next time I go on holiday, I can also see me taking my blanket away with me.  I could use the cotton side on the plane, as I often get cold when flying due to the air conditioning.  Then on arrival in a hot country, I’d appreciate being able to sleep under my cooling blanket.

These blankets are fully machine washable. It’s recommended to wash them inside a laundry net bag to prevent entanglement and damage. They come in three sizes, so they can be used on different sized beds and you can buy them for all the family.  It’s available in grey and blue to suit your decor.

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