Mike The Knight Goes To Warwick Castle

Mike the Knight at Warwick CastleMike the Knight has come to Warwick Castle for his summer holidays this year.  Mike is spending two weekends at the castle: 29-30 June and 6-7 July to celebrate the launch of his modern-day Chivalrous Code.  As well as the usual Warwick Castle attractions , there are loads of Mike the Knight activities available on these weekends.  We were invited along to meet up with Mike and to enjoy a day out at Warwick Castle.

As part of the Mike the Knight celebrations, three ten ton sand sculptures have been created by Raymond Wirick, an expert sand sculptor. There’s one of Warwick Castle itself, another of Buckingham Palace, as well as this one of Mike’s home at Glendragon.    There’s a large sandpit too, so children can make their own sandcastle and take part in a competition to create Britain’s Ultimate Sandcastle (the winner gets lots of Mike the Knight goodies and a Warwick Castle annual pass).

archery for little onesNear the Stables Courtyard entrance you’ll find the Mike the Knight activity area.  Children can try out a wide range of activities collecting stickers on their Mike the Knight record chart as they go.  Much fun was had here, H very much enjoyed Mike’s Target Test (pictured here) and Galahad’s Gallop (hobby horse racing) in particular.  The run away favourite though, for us, was the Dragon Egg Hunt, which takes you throughout the lovely grounds of Warwick Castle to find dragon eggs by following the clues.  The boys were keen to find every clue.  We got halfway through before lunch and they were determined to finish the challenge afterwards.

Mike the Knight at Warwick CastleThrough the day there were opportunities available to meet Mike himself and have your picture taken with him.

We enjoyed wandering round the castle too.  The trebuchet is very impressive to watch as it fires its stone missiles through the air.  The Warwick Warriors battling in the castle courtyard is an absolute must as a piece of theatre and as a bit of an education about medieval battles.  Watching knights fighting is a small boy’s dream and there was much talk about the show in the car on the way home, so it had clearly made an impression.   We also had the chance to visit Merlin: The Dragon Tower.  This is a very atmospheric attraction based to the children’s TV series.  I don’t want to spoil things, but expect magic, smoke, smells and dragons.  What’s really clever about it is the personalisation of the experience which draws you in and makes it seem more real.

Warwick Castle is a great place for a day out:  there’s plenty to do and the castle is magnificent.  We really enjoyed our day out and will visit again in the future.



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