Saturday is Caption Day: Gelato

Cannabis GelatoSo while we were on a short break in sunny Barcelona the other week, I came across this sign, outside an ice cream parlour, advertising their latest special gelato.  I had to take a picture of it (of course) and I wondered what you would make of this for a Saturday is Caption Day image.  So would you like to try out a little cannabis ice cream?  Do you think it would taste nice? Is it a clever marketing ploy because it would give you the munchies and you’d want every ice cream in the shop? And most important of all, can you caption it?


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    The only ice cream that will give you are real high =P

    *when I was younger I have a bad case of tummy ache. It is ulcer. In my country you dont go to the doctor when you are sick you self medicate using herbal medicine. And pot is one of the medicine that i tried =P You boil it with water & I dont know how it taste now but I did tried this before =P
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