Ugglys Review

Ugglys from Character We got back from holiday to find an Uggly ready for us to review.  H was  very excited and couldn’t wait to get him out of his box.

Ugglys are designed to appeal to the love of all things gross that many children have.  That sort of toilet humour is evident in the range of sounds that the Ugglys can make: farting, burping, snoring…

Getting our Uggly (known as Gross King) up and running was fairly easy.  Out of the packaging, then undo the battery compartment (with a cross head screwdriver) and pop in 3 AAA batteries (make sure you have some in). And off you go.

You open the dog’s mouth to make it burp and if you keep the mouth open it burps for longer.  When Gross King’s mouth is closed his attention turns to the other end and he starts farting, if you keep his mouth closed the farting will continue.

Ugglys certificate and instructionsYou can use the warp button on the side of the collar to control and change the pitch of the burping and farting.  Press the fly on the collar and you’re hear flies buzzing, perfect for annoying everyone in the house including the cats.

The face of the Uggly is very malleable and you can make him pull all sorts of horrible faces.

One added touch that H really liked was the Uggdoption Certificate that came with the toy.  This allows your child to name and officially adopt their Uggly.  H really enjoyed filling this in himself with his dog’s details.


  1. Anne Wallwin says

    well he is an ugly little doggy isn’t he?! I think L would like one – i think he would take it to show and tell at school!

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