Tree Fu Tom Toys

Tree Fu Tom Toys Twitter Party #treefutomtoysH was thrilled to hear that we were going to be hosting another Twitter party.  When he heard it was going to be for Tree Fu Tom toys, he was even more excited.  It’s a programme on CBeebies that has really captured his imagination and he particularly likes joining in with Tree Fu Tom’s moves. So on Friday when a big box of Tree Fu Tom Toys arrived so there was much excitement.

H had been looking on YouTube for a review of these Tree Fu Tom toys and he was quite surprised to find that there weren’t any (one of his favourite things to do is to spend time on YouTube looking at reviews).  I explained that they were new and that nobody had yet had a chance to review them yet.  H insisted on making his own YouTube review of the Tree Fu Tom Magic Moves Rap Mat.  He’s keen to see views rise and get some likes so if you have a few minutes why don’t you check it out.

If you want to join in the Twitter party then look for the hashtag #treefutomtoys between 4 and 6pm on Tuesday, February 19th.  There will be lots of prizes to be won.

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