Shoulder Buddies Review

shoulder buddiesRecently we were sent a shoulder buddy to review.  Shoulder buddies are aimed at boys and girls from 4 to 8 years.  They were launched last year and the first series has now sold out. Now there’s a new series (series 2) of Shoulder Buddies out to collect.

We were sent Fetti, who has been popular with H.  He loved the fact that the toy sticks to him and it looks like magic.  Keen to investigate as always, H was quick to discover, through scientific experiment, that the buddy contains a magnet.  He also worked out that the ‘coin’ they sit on attracts the magnet.  The buddy has been placed all around the house (on the fridge, on cast iron fireplaces, etc.) and all over H’s clothes and not just his shoulder.  To wear your buddy you place the ‘coin’ underneath where you want the buddy to sit, so under the shoulder of your top say.  Then you place the buddy on top of your clothing.

These are fun toys and there are quite a few to collect.  They would make a nice pocket-money toy or stocking filler.



  1. Anne Wallwin says

    OMG! They think of everything dont they! They would make great pressies as they are small and easy to look after!!!

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