School Trousers From Ecooutfitters

Eco school trousersOn the look out for some eco school trousers?  Looking to avoid manmade fabrics? School trousers do tend to be made of mixes of synthetic materials like polyester and viscose. These fabrics have been picked because they are hard wearing and cheap to produce.  However, they are not without their downsides. Apart from the big environmental issue, school trousers often aren’t very breathable plus they have an annoying habit of getting shiny and bit bobbly with a bit of wearing and washing. So it’s lovely to be offered the chance to try a green alternative from Ecooutfitters.

We’ve been trying out their Grey Boys’ Slim Fit Trousers over the last few weeks.  As you’d expect H has been wearing these trousers to school regularly and they have been through the wash on a number of occasions.

The trousers arrived looking smart and well made: no loose threads or poor workmanship. After wearing them for a few weeks, they still look just as good. In fact, I’d say they’re smart enough to wear to a more formal occasion like a party. The fabric looks a little bit different to the normal school trousers material, so wearing these wouldn’t look like wearing school trousers to those not in the know.

H has been wearing size 6-7 years which fitted H well (he’s just turned 7, but tends to run a little behind in trouser sizes) with a little room to grow. Another plus for me was that they don’t have a zip and are elasticated at the waist. There are two front side pockets for are great for keeping hankies in or similar. Inside the waistband, you can easily adjust the waist size, which is great for slim-waisted children like H.

Being made from organic cotton means these eco school trousers are better for your child’s skin, as well as the environment. Organic cotton is a better fabric to use with sensitive skins, partly because of its breathable properties. I think it will be better for running around in the playground too as it won’t be as sweaty as synthetic fabrics might be.


  1. says

    I was really interested in reading this as my boy starts nursery in September and he needs proper school trousers. I’d love to find non-man made trousers – really useful info. Thnx

  2. Anne Wallwin says

    handy review. L needs some smart trousers for his cousins holy communion – these would be ideal as he could use them for school after.

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