Me&i Tools T Shirt Review

me&i tools t shirtWe’ve reviewed Me&i clothes before on 92three30.  me&i are a Swedish company, but they’ve been in the UK since 2011. Their signature style is colourful prints.

This time we were sent this Tools T shirt to review. It features an all over design of various tools like spanners and hammers.  The background colour is black with a bright turquoise trim at the neck and arms. Hammers and spanners are dotted all over the top in turquoise, yellow and orange.  It’s a fun top and H likes his tools t shirt.  Also, it’s a bit different to the normal clothes for boys that you get in the shops.  It’s actually marketed as a unisex top, but I think it’s probably only tom boys who’d wear it.

It’s a comfortable shirt to wear and it’s easy to wash too.  We’ve had it through the machine a few times and it’s washed well so far without any noticeable colour loss.  It’s made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane, so there’s a bit of stretch built in.  The only downside is that if you’re ironing, you’ll need to do it inside out.  That said, it doesn’t really need ironing I’ve found as it seems to come through the wash relatively crease free.  The prices range from £15-17 depending on the size you need.  We tested size 122/128 on H (he’s an average sized just about to turn 6-year-old) and we found the size to fit well with enough growing room for the coming year.



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