Mathable Junior Review

mathable juniorWooky Europe has teamed up with Carol Vorderman to launch Carol Vorderman’s Mathable Junior. We were recently send Mathable Junior to review which is for age 5+.

Setting Up
It was very easy to get Mathable Junior up and running.  You just need to remove the plastic film to get into the box.  Once inside you just need to push the number cards out of the sheets of cards which takes a minute or two to do.

Playing MathableIn Play It’s a bit like scrabble with numbers.  For one of the games (there are two sides to the board) you have 5 number tiles on your rack.  You then have to make sums with these and the numbers and symbols already on the board.
This was a useful way of helping your child practice their maths.  H is currently learning his number bonds (e.g. 5+1=6, 5+5=10) and he was keen to fit these into the board and try out some new larger sums.

The number tiles go up to 20 allowing for more complicated sums to be done.  We concentration on adding up and taking away as that is what H is comfortable with, but over time we could move onto multiplication and division.

The game on the back of the board works more like a combination of a maths game and something like noughts and crosses/connect four.  You have 3 tiles which you must place on the board, if you complete a sum in doing so then you gain a point.  So it requires more strategy.  We didn’t play this as I felt it was a bit more complicated in terms of understanding the gameplay, but it’s one we could attempt in the future.

What stopped play? The instructions weren’t very good.  It’s a reasonably thick booklet, but most of it is various different languages. We understood the basics of the game, but we weren’t completely clear on how to deal with the multiplication squares or what to do when one sum was placed next to another.



  1. Anne says

    I play bingo with my son as it is good for learning numbers (he thinks the twenties and thirties should be called the twoties and threeties!). I would like to get him a maths game but i think the instructions would be a problem with this game. Its a good idea having a two sided board though.

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