Music for Kids Recorder Set Review

Pirate Recorder - Music for Kids

A few weeks ago we were sent a recorder set to try out by Music for Kids.  H has been keen to learn an instrument and this seemed the perfect way to start: learning the recorder.  I learnt to play the recorder when I was at primary school and I continued playing well into secondary school (playing recorder in assembly and school services was a good way of getting out of classes and not having to stand in the crowded part of the hall).

Setting Up It’s very easy to get playing.  You just get the recorder out of the box and follow the instruction booklet.

In Play Our Blue Recorder Pirate pack included a ‘Starting to Play’ book & CD plus pirate themed stickers including fish, maps, skull & crossbones, parrots and pirate hats.

learning the recorderWe liked the approach they used to introduce music to children by focusing on the rhythms first before worrying about the different notes too soon.  It’s something I hadn’t really thought about before we started, but obviously it’s very important.

What stopped play? Nothing.  The recorder works well and can continue to be used as H grows and improves.

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  1. Kim Carberry says

    Looks like fun….I’v bought my daughter one christmas….What was I thinking….May have to get some headache tablets…lol

  2. Anne says

    Was wondering about my son learning an instrument but wasn’t sure what age to start at. The recorder pirate looks great to encourage boys – may be Father Christmas will sneak one in his stocking!

  3. Samantha R says

    shame they dont seem to play them in school anymore, i would love my girls to learn an instrument and these look great

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