HABA Sounds Starter Marble Run Set

Sounds Starter SetWe were sent our first HABA marble run over a year ago now.  As parents we have always loved the range because they are so well made and are educational, but fun toys.  H seems to have a natural engineering bent and loves to create his own marble run creations.  Hence we were all thrilled to be sent the Sounds Starter Marble Run Set to try out.

Setting Up Getting started is very simple really.  Just out of the box and the bag and into use.

HABA musical marble runIn Play I’ve noticed H is getting better and better at making his own marble runs.  He’s now (at 5.5 years) designing and constructing pretty complex tracks without any help at all.  A year ago at 4.5 years he was building either more simple tracks on his own or copying pictures from the box.  Now he really seems to have got it sussed.  I do think that the HABA marble track has played a part in this development and the accessories you can get to go with it add lots of interest.

HABA marble runThis HABA Sounds Starter Marble Run Set could be used on its own as you have all the pieces you need to build a nice track.  However, combining it with other pieces will allow you to build longer and more complicated structures.  The transparent sound tunnel with its hanging melodic bars is a stand out piece to use. As are the melodious building blocks which add colour as well as sound.

What stopped play? Nothing.  This is a well made toy that will last and last.  I can see H building ever more complicated tracks with it as he gets older.


  1. Alexandra McGahey says

    My daughter would love this. Think this might have to be another one added to the Christmas list! I used to have loads of fun as a young child making tracks and courses for my marbles out of other toys and anything I could find. Me and my sister would have competitions, it was great fun :)

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