Tesco Dinosaur Mask Egg Review

dinosaur easter eggIt’s not far away now and it’s time to start thinking about Easter activities and Easter eggs.  H has been a very lucky boy and has got to test out one of these dinosaur easter eggs early.

Tesco  have Dinosaur Mask Egg and a Bunny Mask Egg. The eggs are milk chocolate eggs and the packaging transforms very cleverly into a child’s mask. A point to note is that there is nothing inside the chocolate egg, so no little bag of sweets.  I asked H if he minded this and he said he’d have like to see a dinosaur toy inside.  That said, he hadn’t noticed that there was nothing inside until I mentioned it, so it may not be a big deal for your child.  In fact, less chocolate or sweets may be preferable if you end up with chocolate overload at Easter.

H enjoyed the chocolate egg, but the packaging has been the bigger hit.  He has repeatedly asked me to buy another one of these eggs so that he can have one as a mask and one with the box as it comes.  He likes the way the red packaging inside looks like a dinosaur’s tongue.

The dinosaur easter egg certainly has been a big hit in our house.


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