A.Vogel Eye Drops Review

A.Vogel Eye DropsI’ve been wearing gas permeable contact lenses since my mid teens.  It seems to be quite unusual to wear them.  My optician recently changed my lenses for me and charged me what I was charged last time because ‘they didn’t have them on their price list because they did so few of them’.  A lot of contact lenses products are aimed at the ubiquitous soft lenses, but wearing gas permeables make a lot of sense as they are better for your eyes; better at dealing with astigmatism and they are considerable cheaper.  Once you are over the initial adjustment period, they are easy to wear too.

Gas permeables are generally comfortable to wear, but my eyes can suffer from tiredness or dryness after a long day.  Eye drops and washes are helpful, but many require you to take your lenses out before you use them.  So when I was asked to review A.Vogel Eye Drops, I was interested to see that you can use them with or without your contact lenses.

Over the last few weeks I’ve tried the drops out both while wearing my lenses and after I’ve removed them.  A.Vogel Eye Drops are really effective.  Using them relieves dryness and irritation immediately and it’s been a very positive experience.  They have found a place in my list of handbag essentials.

However, I did find A.Vogel Eye Drops a bit difficult to apply at times and think the design of the bottle could be adapted slightly.  Basically, I felt that a third hand would have been useful.  The slight awkwardness of applying the drops meant that occasionally I would misaim.  This isn’t a big issue for me, but it would be nice if they could be less unwieldy to apply.

The key ingredient is Euphrasia officinalis, commonly known as eyebright.  A.Vogel cultivate their own plants for use in their products and they qualify for the EKO label.


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