Week 20 of 2014

Air Hogs TitanIt was a getting back to normal week for us with Mr 92three30 back to work after his week off for our tenth wedding anniversary.

The weather started getting warmer and sunnier, so there was quite a lot of garden play after school for H.  It certainly helped that he had some new toys to test which lent themselves to outdoor play.  Here he is trying out the Air Hogs Titan which we will be reviewing this week.

Ninja TurtleIt’s also been a Ninja Turtle sort of week with some toys to try out.  H loves the turtles and couldn’t wait to get dressed up and into battle.  Here he is trying out his new things along with my wellies.  There was even talk of decking his room out as a Ninja Turtle dojo.  We weren’t even talking about decorating his room, so the idea came as a bit of a surprise.

ironing with a Morphy Richards AquamaxA bit of a shock came my way, one evening this week, when I was ironing.  I started ironing and everything seemed fine.  All of a sudden though, there was smoke and the smell of burning.  Our Morphy Richards Aquamax iron was on fire.  It had to be put outside for safety overnight before binning it. It was a bit of a frightening experience and the house smelt of smoke for ages.


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    Happy anniversary!! :) Blimey the iron sounds a bit scary, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one fault like that but glad it wasn’t worse.

  2. says

    H is great with reviews isn’t her? My lot just moan and pull faces!! A turtle bedroom sounds fun, will you do that? What a nightmare with the iron?! I have been really luck with mine but my mum has had a few explode on her.
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