Week 18 Project 366

Jigging aroundThis week has been a bit of a whirlwind.  I like to pack my weeks full of things to do and this has been typical in that respect.

Saturday was another daddy day for Henry.  I was helping out at our local NCT nearly new sale.  We hold them twice a year and I help out with the organisation.  The day kicked off with setting up the room at 8.30 and finished about 3.30.  At that point I returned home, the baton was passed and the rest of the day was a mummy day for Henry.  Here is Henry doing a dance for me so that I can take a picture for Saturday is Caption Day (we decided not to use this one in the end).  Henry loves to look at the funny pictures that people put up for that meme.  Like most children his age he boy with a wooden castlereally likes the idea of telling jokes, so I think the whole concept appeals to him.

Sunday was a quieter day in contrast and we spent the day mostly at home.  It was very wet so we just ventured out to mum’s for lunch.  Henry had a friend round to play in the afternoon to relieve the boredom (and relieve mummy and daddy).  Here’s Henry playing with one of his current favourite toys.

Henry has had a busy week of after school activities.  He’s been doing lots of arts and crafty things.  Here he is doing a rainy day picture (I like to make it topical).  It’s a wax crayon train picture with a dilute blue food colouring wash to add rain.

A four eyed hand puppetAnother of Henry’s creations is this four eyed, cardboard, hand puppet.  The eyes came off an easter egg box and the basket is part of the packaging too.  To be fair this idea is largely based on the suggestion on the box.

Wednesday was a very eventful day for me this week.  Henry went off to school as normal and I set out to the Birmingham Blog it for Babies event.  It was great fun, but while I was there I got the phone call from the school:  Henry wasn’t well and could I come to collect him?  He had complained a bit about going to school and had a bit of a cold, but hadn’t seemed ill in the morning.  Mammasaurus at Blog it for Babies BirminghamThe trouble was that the event was on the other side of Birmingham, so getting back to school wasn’t so easy.  Luckily my mum was able to collect him and I returned home shortly afterwards.  I’ve already blogged about the Blog it for Babies event so I won’t go into too much detail here, but suffice it to say that it was very enjoyable.  The other news that I had while I was there, was that I had won a ticket for Cybher in London next weekend.  For those not in the know, it’s a blogging conference.  The tickets had all sold out so the only way to get one was to win one.  I’d missed out on 2 other competitions, but won the third.  So now Henry will have another daddy day next Saturday.  Eyebrows are being raised at this, in our household, as Having a mummy cuddlethis will be the 3rd daddy Saturday out of 4.

Thursday was Henry’s first sickie.  He’s got to the summer term without having any time off sick, which I think is pretty good for a boy in Reception class.  Indeed we got praised for his 100% attendance record at the last parent’s evening.  Henry had a day at home with lots of cuddles, quite a lot of sitting on the sofa, more TV than he’d normally watch in a week and generally taking it easy.  By evening he seemed to have bounced back.

Playmobil piratesPirate playmobil continues to be a popular play activity.  Even a few minutes before school can be used to good effect.  Henry was well enough to go back to school on Friday, but it did seem to take it out of him and he was complaining about being ill again on Friday evening.  It’s difficult to know what to do isn’t it?  Do you send them back as soon as you can or do you keep them off until they are absolutely 100% better?


  1. says

    Blimey you did have a busy week! I wanted to go to the Blog it for Babies but I have had a run of sick children over the last couple of weeks and ended up in A&E on Wednesday with A so it was a good job I didn’t! Great news about Cybher, I m very jealous but I hope you enjoy x
    Nikki Thomas recently posted..366 Project – Week 18My Profile

    • Erica says

      Shame you couldn’t make it – it would have been good to see you again. Hopefully we’ll do some other get togethers in the future. Yellow Days is thinking of organising something.

  2. Jenny Paulin says

    You always seem to pack so much into your weeks. I like Henry’s egg box monster – hmm we may have to copy that here one day 😉 well done in winning sme cybher tickets that’s brilliant and well done to the hubby for not minding you going off on your 3rd Saturday in a row! Have fun – I am sure you will.
    Great photos as always Erica x

  3. says

    Great photographs again Erica. I think I always play it by ear. My friends, will send hers in in the afternoon if they start to pick up. But I have to weigh that up with the fact I don’t drive and it would take 45 mins to get there. So by the time I get back, I have to leave again to pick up. My eldest seems to be really healthy luckily all yr. Apart from the same week EVERY yr, when it’s the Christmas plays…..bizarre!
    So pleased blog it for babies went well!!

  4. Notmyyearoff says

    Well done on winning Cybher mummy tickets. I hope you have a really amazing time! I will be looking out for your tweets on the day. Love H’s funky moves too! :)
    Notmyyearoff recently posted..Project 52 – Week 18My Profile


  1. […] Sunday saw us still with the grandparents.  Here’s Henry on a trip to the local park.  He’s quite familiar with this park as we go there quite regularly when we are in the area visiting.  There’s a great climbing frame, slide and activity structure with a bit of a nautical theme going on.  Henry’s on look out duties here.  After lunch we went home and Henry had a nap in the car.  Next up to a friend’s house to play for the remainder of the afternoon.  With hindsight this may have been a step too far for a boy still recovering from a virus. […]

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