Week 18 of 2014

boy in armchair reading a minecraft bookSo last weekend was the end of the Easter holidays for H and a return to the classroom loomed.  For me though it was a weekend I’d been looking forward to as I was going to Blog Camp in Birmingham.  Blog Camp gives bloggers a chance to pick up new skills, hints and tips, plus it gives us a chance to get together with some fellow bloggers for an ‘office do’ if you like.  It was great to see lots of my fellow blogging friends, make some new ones and put a face to the blog.

While I was at Blog Camp H was having what he calls an ‘only day’ which is short for ‘only Daddy’.  A common ‘only day’ activity is a trip into Birmingham City Centre to browse the shops and visit a coffee shop for some cake.  This time H had some book tokens that he got for his birthday to spend.  He decided to spend them on some of the Minecraft Handbooks range.  He’s obsessed with Minecraft, but seems to spend more time watching Stampy and Ballistic Squid play it on YouTube and reading these books, than actually playing it.

Dorevalley Bracken burmese cat asleep in cat cradleMonday came around all too soon and we were back into the normal school week routine.  During the day I had my furry, feline companions who spend much of the time sleeping in the same room as the one in which I’m working.

For H things have been back to normal too.  He did get invited to two birthday parties/birthday treats within a few days of going back to school, so that helped to soften the blow of going back to writing (it’s writing that seems to be the main bug bear with school).

boy wearing back to front trousersThis week we have been testing out some eco school trousers, so as a blogger’s child, H has been roped into having some pictures taken wearing the said trousers.  When I pointed out that the trousers were on back to front, it didn’t go down well and he had a bit of a prima donna moment about turning them the right way round.  Other review items were more exciting and he didn’t need much encouragement to cooperate with an Angry Birds Star Wars toy review.


  1. Anne Wallwin says

    it is always difficult going back to school after a break. this is a short term too so they will be going through it all again soon.

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