Week 29 Project 52

Cats on the bedThis week has been so hot that everyone in the house has changed their routine in some way or other.  In fact, there has been some strange behaviour in the heat going on.  Here are the cats sleeping during the day in our north facing bedroom.  They don’t normally sleep in here unless their human hot water bottles are present.  Normally, they prefer a sunnier spot during the day, but right now the coolest room in the house is quite appealing.

flat out in front of the computerIt’s been a bit hot to sit on laps too so new tactics have been devised.  This picture  shows my lap cat wanting to be close by, but not on his human friend.  He’s spent a lot of time sleeping this week.  I’ve struggled with working in a south facing room at the top of the house and today I’ve had the blind down and the fan on.

I’ve been doing the gardening in the evening because the sun has been too fierce to consider working outside in a south facing heat trap with no shade.  A second shower of the day and a change of clothes has become routine.

child rolling down a hillH has been making the most of the weather with a morning in the paddling pool, on Sunday, playing water pistol fights with his best friend.  This was the best thing ever apparently and it got mentioned in their show and tell session at school this week.  H has also been unable to resist taking to opportunity to do things like roll down the hill after his tennis lessons.

strange behaviour in the heat

The prize though for strange behaviour in the heat goes to H for his insistence on walking to school in his coat this week, because it was cold.  Rather stunned by this,  I took the line of least resistance saying he could wear it to school, but I would take it home with me.  Apparently though, once we got to school, it wasn’t cold in the microclimate of the school playground.
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  1. says

    awww i enjoyed reading this and hearing about how the hot weathr has affected your everyday lives. check your cat out laying next to the keyboard – she/he wants to be near the mouse (boom boom!!)
    and i cannot believe H wore his coat and done up with the hood uo too – ha ha thats funny and slightly strange xx
    jenny paulin recently posted..Staying At Home Country KidsMy Profile

  2. Coombemill - Fiona says

    Children can be so funny with what they come out with sometimes, at least he let you take the coat home! I think the cats have the right idea – just lie down and relax in the heat it’s easier (if only).
    Coombemill – Fiona recently posted..Alpaca or Pusy Cat?My Profile

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