Week 12 Project 52

building with strawsThe week started with parent’s evening.  I haven’t posted a picture of that here because it’s my silent sunday picture for this week.  It was a proud moment for me:  I knew H was doing very well, but I hadn’t realised quite how well he was performing.  He’s also doing everything else he should be: well behaved, good attendance, etc.

After that the week continued pretty much as normal: school, after school play activity (like this picture of H building things with straws), dinner, homework, play, bed. Until Thursday that is when I had a call from school asking me to come to pick up H because he wasn’t well.  He’d had a bad cold all week, but he’d been battling through.

sick child's bedWhen we got home I got him changed into his pyjamas and put him to bed.  Naturally, I had to put in the obligatory musical instrument.  If he’s ill in bed he insists on having an instrument, so he can call me when he needs me (it always makes me feel like some sort of Victorian maidservant).  I left the room for a minute and when I came back he was fast asleep.  He slept for 2 hours and later had another nap, so he clearly wasn’t himself.  Sadly, though whether because he’d had the naps or because he was ill, he didn’t sleep very well and woke up with a high temperature in the morning.  Another day off sick (it seems that talking about his good attendance at parent’s evening had jinxed him and made him a sick child).

snow fallingAs H was sick and not going in anyway on Friday, I didn’t have to worry about whether school was open or not on Friday morning (it was) and I didn’t have to brave the snow for the school run.  It snowed most of Friday and by the evening, it was like that.  It’s been snowing pretty much ever since then, even as I write this on Saturday afternoon.  Thankfully, though my sick child is now no longer sick.

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20 Responses to Week 12 Project 52

  1. I can’t believe we’re still getting snow when it’s almost April.

    Hope little man feels better soon and great work on the excellent school report.
    OneDad3Girls recently posted..#365 Week 12My Profile

  2. Ninja at says:

    Glad H is on the mend
    Ninja at recently posted..Spring is a little confusedMy Profile

  3. Bless his little heart, he must have been really poorly! There’s some horrible bugs at the moment and we really need Spring to come along and make us all better, not more flipping snow! Great straw art there H, well done.

    Thanks for linking up.
    TheBoyandMe recently posted..365 #12My Profile

  4. Hope H is all better now. Sounds like parents evening went well though. I really hope the snow disappears now!
    NotMyYearoff recently posted..Project 52 – Week 12 / Silent SundayMy Profile

  5. LauraCYMFT says:

    Aww I hope he is feeling better soon. Great to hear you had a proud parents’ evening. Always great to hear they are doing well.
    LauraCYMFT recently posted..365 Project #WeekTwelveMy Profile

  6. so pleased he is no longer sick! hope its not still snowing with you!
    Jaime Oliver recently posted..My Week That Was – Project 365 Week 12My Profile

  7. Emma says:

    Glad he’s feeling better, I can’t believe you are all still getting so much snow!
    Emma recently posted..365 Project – Week 12My Profile

  8. Bare Beginnings says:

    Glad to see that little man is better, it is horrible to be so prone when they are ill. After a few weeks of illness mine are fine, but hoping for a snaow day so we can stay in and have snuggles still x

  9. cant believe you had snow and we went to the beach!
    well done to \H for doing so well at school – what a clever boy. you must be so proud and pleased, i would be too.
    i hope he is feeling better now – Burton is but now Jenson has it :(
    jenny paulin recently posted..My Week That Was #12 (Project 365)My Profile

  10. Kara says:

    Aww hope he feels better soon. So jealous you got snow, even if it is March, we got freezing torrential rain!
    Kara recently posted..Project 365 – 12/52My Profile

  11. Anne Wallwin says:

    well done H on a great parents evening! L’s went well too. I love the idea of a musical instrument to call you when he needs something! If L is sick he will only sleep on the settee and he whines an incredible amount! Touch wood he has been ok this year and only had one day off ill.

  12. HPMcQ says:

    it’s april stop with the SNOW! glad to hear parents evening went well they fill me with terror a different terror to when it was the other way round and it was my parents coming to find out the dirt on me!
    HPMcQ recently posted..silent sunday 24.03.13My Profile

  13. Im ready for spring now, fed up with this cold stuff its making everyone poorly. Hope feels better soon and lets hope we get some nice weather so we can all play out in it
    thisdayilove – leyla recently posted..ready, steady, go!My Profile

  14. Glad to hear he’s better now. I love that he takes an instrument to bed to call you.
    Joanne Blunt recently posted..Project 365: Days 76 – 82My Profile

  15. So glad he is better now. Saved you doing the school run in the snow, but looking at the weather here, outside the window, it looks as though we’ll still have snow tomorrow, Monday, morning. Hate it. Brrrrr.
    Countryidyll recently posted..Silent Sunday – 24th MarchMy Profile

  16. Coombemill - Fiona says:

    Lets hope he feels better soon and the weather warms up. We could all do with it now
    Coombemill – Fiona recently posted..Silent Sunday / Project 52My Profile

  17. fivegoblogging says:

    I love the idea of the musical instrument in bed to call you! He’s been watching Downton Abbey I think!
    fivegoblogging recently posted..Silent Sunday 24.03.13My Profile

  18. Ha ha, instrument in bed! Excellent x
    Emma Wright recently posted..365 Project Week 12My Profile

  19. I have been having continuous battles with the cold virus all winter. I’m in Indiana and the weather has been bi-polar for some odd reason this year. All i know is, it seems like it’s going to be a cold spring this time around.
    Lance McDonald recently posted..TIME TO MAKE A CHANGE IN THE WORLDMy Profile

  20. Congratualtions on the successful parent’s evening! As a teacher, I love chatting to parents who take a real pride in their child’s education and love to tell them how well they are doing :)
    Hope he’s feeling better now
    ghostwritermummy recently posted..365: 29.03.13 #89 HappyMy Profile

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