Week 21 Project 52

riding a bikeThis week we’ve tried to focus on riding a bike.  It’s a useful life skill and one that H has yet to master.  A friend’s son got to 8 years old and hadn’t learnt to ride and then didn’t want to learn, I guess because of embarrassment.  I don’t want that to happen to H.

H can be reluctant to go out on his bike and he does seem to lack confidence. Partly, this is our fault for not going out riding regularly enough with him.  Also, he can be quite cautious physically and tends to ride too slowly to get enough momentum.  Once he’s learnt the art of riding a bike, it’s up to him whether he continues with it, but I feel he needs to learn first.

drawing a pictureSo operation learn to ride a bike began.  H went out with Daddy at the weekend and was set a target.  When he can cycle along a certain stretch alone without stabilizers, then he can have a reward (probably a Lego Bionicle).  Daddy took him out without the stabilizers and nearly did his back in.  On Monday after school, we went out on the bike (with stabilizers this time) to get some more practice in.  H is definitely getting stronger physically as he’s getting better at pedalling up hills, which is a relief as we have quite a few hills round here.  We had a fun time cycling to the playground in the park; playing for a bit; and then cycling home.

Reading my Reading Chest bookThe rest of the week wasn’t so great weatherwise after school so we didn’t get round to going out on the bike again.  So we spent our after school time playing and drawing.  Sadly, we had quite a lot of homework this week, which took up more time than we’d like.  We still kept up our reading though and H continues to work his way through Reading Chest’s large library of reading books.





  1. says

    why do kids need to be set so much homework? they can still learn life skills from playing and reading with parents :(
    I hope H manages to succeed with his cycling – it will be worth the hard work when he can do it and he will be so pleased with his new found skills and freedom out on his bike x
    jenny paulin recently posted..My Week That Was #21 (Project 365)My Profile

  2. says

    Children can be so different. We have a balance bike and my eldest learnt to ride a proper bike without stabilisers in less than half an hour. Youngest has had same balance bike and although she’s excellent at balancing she cannot get that she needs to pedal – I refuse to put stabilisers on her bike and we keep having a go but she just isn’t getting it!
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  3. Anne Wallwin says

    L is the same with a bike. I think it is a lot of hard work for their little legs. L has started swimming lessons and karate lessons so hopefully they will help build up his stength. I do need to be more proactive when it comes to taking the bike out though.

  4. says

    I always remember the day my eldest learnt how to pedal a bike. She’d given up months previously because she was so frustrated at not being able to do it. Then, one day she simply rode her bike in from the conservatory, calm as you like! Perhaps the key is not to make a big deal out of it and let them do it in their own time? Good luck!
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  5. says

    I’m sure he’ll master the bike riding. It’s a good skill to have, we used to go out for hours on our bikes.
    Not sure about now though..last time I tried I fell off and hit the cross bar..ouchy undercarriage!!
    Sue Tyler recently posted..#Project365 21/52My Profile

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