Week 5 Project 52

after the snow It seems strange to think it now, but this time last week we still had lots of snow.  We had snow for over a week and then it disappeared literally overnight.  We had great fun in it and took some lovely photos, but it was starting to hamper day-to-day life and I’d had enough of it for a little while at least.

Last Saturday evening we braved the snow and more crucially the ice to go for a family meal out at a local curry house.  It was my husband’s birthday on Monday and it was by way of being a birthday celebration meal.  It’s quite an upmarket curry house with plush decor and good quality food.

child eating shish kebabH had his usual choice: shish kebab.  He’s used to having it at home from our usual takeaway, but this one was a rather spicier version than he was used to.  Still he ate it all.  The poppadoms slipped down of course, in fact H wanted to eat the lot and we were lucky to get a look in.

Generally this week has been about life getting back to normal after the snow and we’ve spent quite a lot of time catching up with jobs and clearing the to do list (not that there isn’t loads still on there).

cats on a cats cradle being strokedOur cats didn’t have such a good week though.  Recently there has been a new cat on the block.  He’s a bit cheeky and has been hanging around our garden and hovering near the cat flap.  One evening this week, he actually came in.  We’ve had a cat flap for about 7 years at 2 different houses and this has never happened before.  Amber is a sensitive soul and he’s been most put out about it all: he’s been jumping at shadows and has acted very aggressively with our other cat as well.  Here’s H giving them some extra reassurance.


  1. says

    We had an intruder cat early one morning, but we’d put the cat flap on in-only, in order to keep our cat, Grimalkin, inside once she comes later on in the evening. Intruder Cat therefore couldn’t get out and had a real panic, trying to get out of a closed window and running around the ground floor, until I let it out of the back door.

  2. Anne Wallwin says

    Happy birthday R. I can’t imagine L eating indian! We have a ‘to do’ list as well – it only ever gets longer no matter how much effort we put into it.

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