Christmas Moneysaving Tips

photo(58)Now Pensions approached me and asked if I had any good money saving tips for dealing with Christmas.  Saving money on Christmas expenses can free up money for important long-term savings and planning for the future.

So here are my Christmas Moneysaving tips:

Buy as many Christmas items in the sales after Christmas as possible. I always buy cards and wrapping paper when it’s reduced then.  It’s also a good time to plan ahead for future purchases – if you know your tree lights are on their last legs then see if you can pick up a bargain when retailers are selling off stock.  Think ahead to your situation next year.  If you have children starting school you’ll need to allow for them to send around 30 cards to their classmates.  Maybe you’ll need less than last year if you are planning to be on maternity leave say and not having to give cards to desks full of work colleagues.

If it’s possible hand deliver your local cards.  I try to include deliveries within planned journeys, so I pop a few cards through doors when going to the local shops for instance.  Another good way of saving money is to give your cards to your friends when you see then at social occasions, you just need to be a little organised.

Clear out room for those Christmas presents you’ll be getting soon by decluttering now.  You can sell your clutter on eBay and make a few pennies to help pay for your festivities too.

Christmas is a good time to spend those loyalty card points you’ve been saving up all year.  Use your points to reduce the pressure on your purse.

Shop around for the best deal – it’s never been easier to pay the cheapest price.  Use price comparison sites and always look for a voucher code.

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  1. Anne says

    we’re waiting for the sales to get a new xmas tree – ours is a bit wonky! I spend ages each year trying to make it look as if it is straight! I’ve cracked this year and demanded a new one. I buy cards and wrapping etc in the sales as you do save a small fortune. We also keep nectar points and use them to do a xmas food shop and buy a few luxury treats as well. It is amazing the difference it all makes to your budget.

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