Tesco Valentine’s Day Chocolate Gift Cupcake Review

Tesco Valentine's Day Chocolate Gift CupcakeYou know when you see a cake that looks gorgeous and you taste it and it tastes as good as it looks?  Well that happened when we tried out these Tesco Valentine’s Day Chocolate Gift Cupcakes.  They do look absolutely stunning don’t they?

The cake is a rich, chocolatey delight which is lovely and moist.  We were sent a number of cakes and they kept well: the last one tasted as good as the first one.  On top is soft, creamy icing with an attractive iced heart made up of lots of little rosebuds.  There are some pink sprinkles too which add a little crunch.  Each cupcake is presented in a red cupcake case and protection is given to the sides by way of a circle of plastic film.  The whole thing comes in a clear plastic cake holder which should protect it on the way home from the shops as long as you place it carefully somewhere (upright of course).

We found the cake gave 4 generous slices and that because the cake was so rich, a quarter was as much as most people would want to eat at any one time.  Imagine coming home to find that you’d been bought one of these – I would be delighted.  Each cake costs £4 each so it works out at about £1 a slice which I think is value for money as this is a quality cake.


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