Mr Nice Cream From Tesco Review

Mr Nice CreamWe were recently sent a selection of goodies from Tesco’s Mr Nice Cream range to review.  The ‘Mr Nice Cream’ Ice cream range includes jelly beans and sprinkles, as well as items like cones, sponge cookies, fan wafers.

Ice cream decoration scores highly for us as we see it as both an art activity and a culinary activity.  Hence we were keen to get stuck into a spot of decorating.  There were 4 different types of colourful sprinkles in one single container.  It’s very simple and easy to use the container and H (nearly 6) was able to manage it himself which adds to the fun.

Next up were the little tubs of Mr Nice Cream toppers: we tried out the jelly beans and the brownie chucks.  Many of the brownie chucks disappeared on route through H’s hands to the ice cream.  Those that made it through looked and tasted good in combination with the ice cream (or alone).

Mr Nice Cream No ice cream is complete without a little sauce to drizzle over (or drown) your sundae.  We very much liked our ultra-fruity Mr Nice Cream Mango & Passion Fruit Sauce.

We also tried the toppers and sprinkles out when we were decorating cakes.  They did a great job at this too – love it when you can buy products that adapt well to other uses too.






  1. Anne Wallwin says

    what a good product and a great name too! L loves making and decorating cakes so this is something we will look for next time we shop. As you say it is good when you can adapt products for different uses.

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