Win Mr Men Bathtime Bubbles

Mr Men Bathtime Bubbles Gift SetA little while ago I had a great day out at Baylis & Harding.  Now they are being kind enough to sponsor a competition for readers of 92three30.

I hadn’t realised until I visited Baylis & Harding that they made children’s toiletries too.  There are 3 of their lovely Mr Men Bathtime Bubbles sets up for grabs. Entry is via rafflecopter.
a Rafflecopter giveaway


1. No bulk, third party or automated entries.
2. Entrants must be UK residents aged 18 years or older.
3. The winners will be chosen by a random draw.
4. The winner will be notified by email and will have one week in which to claim their prize. Should they fail to respond within this time, an alternative winner will be selected
ThePrizeFinder – UK Competitions

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164 Responses to Win Mr Men Bathtime Bubbles

  1. Kerry Adamowicz says:

    My favourite character is Mr Messy, reminds me so much of me!

  2. olivia kirby says:

    My Mr Men story is, as a child I had a small Mr Funny mug that I had my milky tea in. I broke it when I was 7 and never drank tea again until I lost 4 stone at age of 22 and I used to become very cold!!!

  3. Vicky Cole says:

    I have always loved the Mr Men books and they are a favourite of my children’s also.

  4. Carolin says:

    I didn’t know them until I moved to the UK. In Germany, the only character I came across was Little Miss Sunshine…

    Carolin recently posted..Silent Sunday – 27 January 2013My Profile

  5. anna m says:

    I remember loving mr men as a child, i still quite like them we have the alphabet dvd for the kids

  6. I love Mr Tickle! I love all his hands flying about everywhere! I think my son thinks im Mr Tickle at times as I cover him in tickles!
    Helen Dickinson recently posted..So Call Me Crazy!My Profile

  7. Heather says:

    My little sis is 9yrs younger than me and we used to share a room. I would read her Mr Men bedtime stories.

  8. Jane Green says:

    I think like lots of other people, Mr Tickle is my favourite character

  9. christina curtis says:

    I got my boyfriend mr perfect socks…some days should be mr grumpy though lol

  10. Anne says:

    I find it funny that channel 5 have given the Mr Men regional accents!

  11. Chris Jonesy Jones says:

    We have actually called our son Mr Bump since he was about 10 months old he’s 9 now. He is always falling over and banging in to things, I think this may stick til he is a adult himself

  12. Mark Richmond says:

    Mr.Greedy was always my favourite story.

  13. JOANNA TERRY says:

    I am super ticklish so my husbands nickname is Mr Tickle as he gets me every day at some point!

  14. Ann MacLean Fleming says:

    Mr. Bump is a lifesaver in our house – the cool pack from the fridge with his picture on it has soothed many a bruised head or knee.

  15. Martina says:

    I like Mr Messy – just like my son.

  16. Stacey Le Page says:

    when I was a little girl I had a Mr happy yellow chair so that you were basically sitting on mr happys lap. Love the 80′s. Now my two boys love The Mr Men Show.

  17. claire woods says:

    We have lots of Mr Men books. Tonight we read Mr Small.

  18. katrina day-reilly says:

    my son is mr chatterbox for definite

  19. Lorraine/Squeaky Mom says:

    Squeaky has become somewhat obsessed with “Mr Men Show”, as she calls it, of late. She spotted a Mr Men suitcase on wheels when we were out shopping recently & had a complete meltdown in the shop to the extent I had to buy it as an early birthday present. Her favourite is Little Miss Chatterbox, which is pretty appropriate.
    Lorraine/Squeaky Mom recently posted..ImaginationMy Profile


    ………….Mr Messy………..whoops…………just like Jake

  21. I loved the Mr Men growing up, I still have their record!! My daughter now loves the books but she really loves the new glitter ones! What is going on with the cartoon though we don’t like that very much!
    Emily McMillan recently posted..Charming & tasty valentine’s cakes from Baker DaysMy Profile

  22. I love mr tickle :)
    lindy Hamilton recently posted..Valentines Day – Gift GuideMy Profile

  23. I was always nicknamed little miss trouble but Mr tickle is my fav :) x
    TheMiniMesandMe recently posted..Wedo Bedroom FurnitureMy Profile

  24. esther james says:

    My daughter has a vibrating Mr Tickle toy which she loves!

  25. Emma Howard says:

    I loved the Mr Men stories when I was a child and had the full set of books. I kept hold of them and am enjoying sharing them with my son as well as discovering the new stories.

  26. I’ve always loved Mr men books- even throughout my teenage years when I was a little ‘off the rails’ so to speak! My mum even decided to get me a Little Miss Naughty backpack with squeakers and practise zips on made for 2 year olds from the early learning centre on my 16th birthday as a joke, thing is I loved it and actually wore it! Now my daughters love the books too, especially the new ones with glitter in them! :)

  27. laura banks says:

    i always remember my gran used to buy me a book every week

  28. Sue Bowden says:

    My kids loved Mr Messy and Miss Sunshine x

  29. John Taggart says:

    My grandsons love Mr Tickle

  30. Caroline Hooper says:

    both my children have loved the mr men and little miss books and so did I when I was a child

  31. SARAH ARNETT says:

    My fave character as a child was Mr Bump – i had the teddy, bed covers cup etc – I stopped watching when the Little Misses were introduced!

  32. iain maciver says:

    everybody ,loves the mr men series, mr tickle was my fav

  33. KIERAN WALSH says:

    Morning, Jacob loves these little people, a fav, hard, possible “Mr Tickle”

  34. amanda davis says:

    my fav was mr messy i think it was because he was pink

  35. Sharon Griffin says:

    Mr Bump is my favourite :D

  36. Natalie Gaff says:

    mr bump is my favourite as he always falling over

  37. Jo welsh says:

    I have always liked mr rush but my girls like little miss sunshine

  38. always loved mr bump x

  39. sarah rees says:

    has to be laughing with my family at mr tickle and his funny long arms going around tickling everyone! :)

  40. elaine stokes says:

    my favorite is mr bump because i was miss bump there wasnt a day that went past that i didnt have a new scatch or scrap on me……………………..

  41. Joanne Darnell says:

    mr tickle so cute

  42. When I was a kid, I had all the books & my dad would read me one every single night. I actually need to check if dad still has them, I’d love to read them to my son!

  43. Susan Sargent says:

    My Grandson loves Mr. Tickle

  44. kim neville says:

    We all like Mr Tickle

  45. laura stewart says:

    mu daughter would love this

  46. Karen Richards says:

    Mr Tickle is my son’s favourite character. He loves me pretending to have long arms so that I can tickle him.

  47. Samantha Jerome says:

    My daughter would love these. I always loved Mr Greedy

  48. Simon G says:

    Mr Tickle, hes a cool dude

  49. MARK THOMAS says:

    Great little books for all young children

  50. tracey gwynne says:

    Mt other half is Mr Rude…he’s even got a soft toy on his shelf to remind him. ;)

  51. KATHY D says:

    Mr Tickle, so much fun when reading the books to be tickling along with it

  52. Cat Williams says:

    I vought a fab Little Miss Naught t shirt in Thailand – it reminds me of fun times

  53. Nancy Townsend says:

    I like my husbands Mr Tickle impressions.

  54. jennifer Toal says:

    Love the Mr men grew up with them as a child and used to get words to take home to read in a Mr men tin from school back in the 80s .

  55. Anna M says:

    Mr Grumpy – my husband every morning

  56. andrea tinkler says:

    Mr happy fetces back memories. My son got a mr happy key ring from his teacher. He still has it xx

  57. Anne Graham says:

    I loved Mr Bump as a child. My daughters love giggling at Mr Nonsense!

  58. michele omalley says:

    My children loved the Mr Men when they were children and now I’v bought my granddaughter the full set, she loves them

  59. Debbie Skinner says:

    Lovely memories of receiving them as presents when I was small and the excitement of reading them over and over again!

  60. Bridget Anderson says:

    I loved watching the Mr Men cartoons on TV narrated by Arthur Lowe. He had such a perfect voice for the stories.

  61. deborah godbolt says:

    i love the mr men im 49 and remember them when i was small brought my kids up reading them my son is 23 and wears a mr happy tshirt now lol and now grandson loves them too

  62. claire griffiths says:

    i have loved the mr men from being a small child for as long as i can remember and also my three children now love them too :)

  63. Lisa Jones says:

    Mine and my daughters favourite book is Mr Tickle. She loves to have it read to her every night , and she even has the Mr Tickle Toy !

  64. Fiona Matters says:

    Little miss naughty is my favorite character. After that it’s mr tickle

  65. Emma Clement says:

    We love the Mr Men, we have both the Mr Men and Little Miss book boxsets and are making our way through them all! We also have a DVD with the 80′s Mr Men cartoons (they’re pretty much the book stories)!
    Emma x (twitter id@beachpebble)
    Emma Clement recently posted..Personal Planner UK CompetitionMy Profile

  66. Louise says:

    My little boy believes that Mr Men plasters have special healing properties!
    Louise recently posted..The Gallery – BondMy Profile

  67. Cheryl says:

    Pierre has just been given a Mr Tickle with velcro hands – he loves walking around with it over his shoulder saying it’s his handbag !!
    Cheryl recently posted..Flavourly Flavour Box By Post reviewMy Profile

  68. kim mayhead says:

    They were my favourite books when i was a child, and the first books i learnt to read. Now my children love them too.

  69. Emma R says:

    My favourite character is Mr Tickle, but as a kiddo I was called Miss Chatterbox by school teachers – oh the shame ;-)
    Emma R recently posted..Thoughts on Luck & a Cheeky RequestMy Profile

  70. Vic says:

    I used to have Mr Men cycling shorts as a child and wore them til they had holes in lol, I loved them

  71. Laura Pritchard says:

    I love how if you collect them all the spines spell out ‘Mr Men’ – I never got enough to do that!

  72. Helen Porter says:

    my little boy love mr bump he pretends to walk into things and falls over to be like him hes 2!!

  73. vicky M says:

    I always liked Mr Grumpy he reminded me of my Dad lol.
    vicky M recently posted..What would revolutionise my 2013?My Profile

  74. Leanne Bell says:

    My 3 year old daughter loves all of the characters especially Mr Tickle.

  75. melanie stirling says:

    I used to read the books when I was little and I read them to my nephew and niece now.Mr Bump was my favourite.

  76. We have the box set of books, Im suprised how long they actually are to read. Really long childrens stories compared to modern books. We like Mr Nosey the most!

  77. ashleigh says:

    I love the Mr Men, when I was pregnant with my son I remember reading about 30 Mr Men books in a row to my daughter! I love Litte Miss Sunshine

  78. victoria thurgood says:

    My little one loves the books great short stories which fit in small backpack.

  79. Tina Holmes says:

    Mr bump reminds me of my son he is so clumsy

  80. nicola t says:

    i love Mr Tiggle, always makes me giggle and its what I call my Finace as he always tickles me

  81. scarlett b says:

    My favourite is Mr Funny – used to really make me laugh!

  82. Diana Cotter says:

    Mr Messy is surely my son’s alter ego :)

  83. Natalie Gower says:

    I’m a bit of a neat freak. We had all the Mr men books so I would mess them up just so I could line them all up again so they would spell Mr men and Little miss down the spines!

  84. John Tooth says:

    Grandson loves his baths, would love this too.

  85. Paul Meulen says:

    The scene in Mr Forgetful where he says theres a goose asleep in the rain.

  86. Laura Finch says:

    Hehe im mr bump :p

  87. kim plant says:

    Mr Grumpy reminds me of my husband x

  88. carolyn joyce says:

    My sisters step daughter would love this set. I think her favorite would be mr happy

  89. My granddaughter loves her Little Miss Sunshine bowl and always asks for that one for her cereal when she visits.

  90. MsXpat says:

    My toddler boy loves bubbles! At the moment we use a summer bubble machine gadget in our bathroom, lol

  91. Rebecca Nisbet says:

    I love how mr men can relate to just about anyone

  92. Ali Parry says:

    Mr Mean….or not by the end

  93. damian thomas says:

    mr grumpy my fav

  94. clair says:

    love mr tickles long arms

  95. John Naylor says:

    Mr Bump was my favourite and I remember wrapping my head in toilet paper to look like him!

  96. James Stilwell says:

    Mr Tickle naturally!

  97. Suzanne Cooke says:

    My daughter loves My Slow we think he is funny.

  98. My daughter adores Mr Bump!

  99. liz ferguson says:

    I love mr tickle!

  100. shelagh milne says:

    Mr Bump is a favourite

  101. Samantha Atherton says:

    I like Mr Happy the most because to me he is Mr Men.

  102. Janet Bagnall says:

    My daughter has a little miss chatterbox doll who talks on a phone, my daughter shouts “hello!” back to her!

  103. JULIE B says:

    We all love Mr Bump, Mr Grumpy and Mr Happy, these books are timeless.

  104. Hayley Kinnaird says:

    When I was younger me and my friends would call each other the Mr Men names, Mr Grumpy, Miss naughty etc ha ha ha :) xxx

  105. vanessa crowley says:

    mr funny as he made me laugh

  106. Diane Carey says:

    I remember my youngest daughter had a lot of Mr Men and Little Miss books. I don’t remember her having a favourite, but I used to read them to her a lot at bedtime

  107. Claire Lacey says:

    Mr Bump is my favourite – i’m very clumsy and always need a plaster or bandage!

  108. Joanne Benham says:

    I loved the Mr Men when I was small, now my kids love the Mr Men too, especially Mr Bump!!

  109. MANDY DOHERTY says:

    Always loved the Mr Men, my daughter is a cross between Little Miss Chatterbox and Little Miss Naughty!!

  110. kristy smith says:

    I used to love watching it as a kid its a shame they dont show it now im sure my little ones would love it.

  111. zoe d says:

    I used to love Mr Men and have all the books for my daughter, love Mr Bump

  112. Eleanor Powell says:

    I had a cuddly Mr Greedy as a child – he came everywhere with me – I still have him and he is now 39 years old!

  113. Ian Yates says:

    Mr Tickle was da man!

  114. tracy says:

    My son loved all the Mr Men characters when he was small. I still buy him mr men bubble baths and socks etc, even though he’s now 23!

  115. Nicola Holland says:

    Mr Tickles is our family favourite

  116. Kerry Kilmister says:

    I remember my mum reading me Mr Men Books when I was a little girl and now I read them to my two year old daughter – her favourite is Little Miss Naughty – very appropriate!

  117. George Brown says:

    love mr happy—just do!

  118. angela allen says:

    i love the mr men childrens bath time goodies and so will my children

  119. jessica cook says:

    when i was young i used to have a little miss bossy ordenment on my window sil in my bedroom my toddler sister was with me sat on the bed she shouted me i turned round and she whacked me right on the bridge of my nose with it. i had to go hospital have it glues and 13 years on still have the scar to prove!!!

  120. Sharon Arnott says:

    Mr Greedy, I am sure he was named after my husband!

  121. Natasha Gandy says:

    My children love the Mr Men and Little Miss books. They also watch in in the morning on channel 5 whilst getting ready for school. they each have their favourite but the best has to be Mr Rude ! x

  122. cherie shaw says:

    My son’s favourite character is mr messy just like them :)

  123. J.Gallant says:

    I like Mr Bump

  124. Mr messy as i’m the same

  125. michelle dootson says:

    little miss naughty is mine and my daughters favourite

  126. paul baker says:

    my sister and i back in the 80′s had a mr chatterbox stringed puppet we used to play with it for hours one of our fave toys i love the mr men :D

  127. Janine Atkin says:

    mt grumpy is our favourite. my dad / sons grandad is called grumpy instead of grandad!

  128. Sheri Darby says:

    My children all rally enjoyed the Mr men books. I think Mr Silly was our favourite

  129. sharon johnson says:

    mr greedy, as my kids eat me out off house and home!!

  130. sarah cooper says:

    My Mr Men related fact is that we have found The Book People fantastic in getting all the books at bargain prices!

  131. claire davey says:

    it has to mr bump i use to love him and my kids love him too

  132. I just love Little Miss Trouble, it was my pet name with my grandparents as a kid.

  133. Susan Hoggett says:

    mr tickle is my favourite he always makes me laugh

  134. Hannah says:

    I love that mr skinny lives in fatland and the bit where dr plump sends mr skinny to stay with mr greedy!

  135. Sharon Williams says:

    My children loves mr tickles as I always tickle her when reading the book together.

  136. aj says:

    my nickname at school was little miss sunshine my brothers was Mr Tickle as my maiden name is men

  137. Elzbieta Kozak says:

    ittle miss naughty is my daughters favourite!

  138. Karin Hall says:

    I don’t really hae a memory of Mr. Men – maybe they don’t have them in Germany?
    My daughter loves them though, and laughs her little heart out when they’re on!

  139. jo harrison says:

    Always remember having Mr Men books as a child and I was always being compared to Little Miss Chatterbox!

  140. Leslie Evans says:

    The answer is in the name Mr Tickle

  141. Eleanor Jones says:

    I love Mr Tickle!

  142. Samantha R says:

    Mr grumpy reminds me of my partner

  143. Becci Cleary says:

    I love the Mr Men and Little Miss Collections, there is one for every occasion and me and my 3 year old love reading about their different adventures :)

  144. Lucy Carter says:

    My favourite of the Mr Men is Mr Tickle, I used to love how he could lay in bed and put his arm down the stairs for some biscuits!

  145. Tracy Parkinson says:

    My daughters love mr bump. They say it is their grandad as he has a bold head and is forever bumping and cutting it.

  146. Sam says:

    I remember watching Mr Men at lunchtime after nursery, my favourite was Mr Rush.

  147. siobhan marie says:

    love mr men my daughter watches them on milkshake all the time xx

  148. Jayne K says:

    I used to love reading Mr Men books to my children when they were little.

  149. Emma Wolski says:

    My favourite memory was being on the Mr Men float in the Flower Show on Jersey when I was a toddler. We were on holiday there at the time! Amazing picture memories we have! I was their biggest fan for years!!

  150. Stephen Catt says:

    My kids love Mr. Men – they have all the books

  151. Janet Rumley says:

    Mr Tickle was my favourite Mr Man as I can remember fondly reading with my sister.

  152. Sue McCarthy says:

    Loved them as a child.

    The “arms like Mr Tickle” phrase still gets used all these years later.

  153. Joy Dehany says:

    I remember the tv series from the 70′s :)
    I loved Mr Tickle, and all my kids loved them too. We love Little Miss, too.

  154. Jane T says:

    I always loved Mr Tickle.
    Jane T recently posted..My weekly weigh in.My Profile

  155. Emma Ellison says:

    Pretend to be mr tickle now, chasing my kids!

  156. jackie curran says:

    I love little miss sunshine

  157. Jane Brown says:

    My 3 year old son has one Mr Men story and one Thomas story each night. The favourite character so far has to be Mr Tickle!

  158. Pam Gregory says:

    I grew up with the Mr Men. Mr Nosey is my fave.

  159. Becky Downey says:

    Like the mr nosey books

  160. Jackie Rushton says:

    My favourite character is Mr Perfect – he reminds me of my lovely boyfriend!

  161. Mine was Mr Bump, my little brother’s was Mr Tickle, and my older brother’s was Mr Strong- place mats, flannels, when we were little!
    Johnson Babies recently posted..For #MatildaMaeMy Profile

  162. Alison Bruce says:

    My favourite character is Mr Bump.

  163. lynn neal says:

    I love mr bump he is so funny!

  164. Lorna Ellis says:

    What a great prize- my little boy would love this.

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