Justin and the Knights of Valour Review and Giveaway

 Justin and the Knights of ValourH has always enjoyed anything to do with knights and castles, in fact he’s even shown an interest in taking up fencing recently.  So Justin and the Knights of Valour seemed like just his sort of thing.

Justin lives in a kingdom without knights, but dreams of following in his grandfather’s footsteps and becoming a Knight of Valour.  Justin embarks on a daring quest to become a knight himself and this is the story of his adventures.

H enjoyed the DVD and he has watched it a few times.  It’s action packed and funny in parts especially the flying crocodile.  You can watch the trailer here to get a bit of a preview yourselves.  I have three copies of the Justin and the Knights of Valour DVD (release date 3 February 2014) to give away and entry is via the rafflecopter below.

Competition Terms and Conditions
1. No bulk, third party or automated entries.
2. Entrants must be UK residents aged 18 years or older.
3. The winners will be chosen by a random draw.
4. The winner will be notified by email and will have a week to claim their prize. Should they fail to respond within this time, an alternative winner will be selected.
5. Promoter is responsible for fulfilling the prize and full contact details of the winner will be passed onto the promoter.
6. Competition closes on 22 February 2014.
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  1. kathy Armstrong says

    Can’t think of anything more cosier than snuggling up with my family with our onsies on this stormy weather xx

  2. Claire O'Neill says

    It’s my son’s birthday soon so I would invite a few of his friends for a movie night.We would have hot dogs and popcorn and I suspect that my son will be very popular!!Really enjoyed the trailer and can’t wait to watch the full movie!

  3. Lisa Everaert says

    I have 2 young boys myself and 3 nieces who would absolutely love to watch this. Popcorn, crisps, drinks and film = perfect family night in.

  4. lindsay chadburn says

    We dont earn alot so every friday is movie night in out house, we do a buffet style dinner have lots of popcorn n treats watch a movie then finish the night with a delicious hot chocolate.

  5. Caroline H says

    We’d love to watch this wearing fancy dress knight costumes we’d made – cardboard armour, dishcloth chainmail and horses made out of brushes and fabric heads.

  6. Sarah Walford says

    It would definitely be a Saturday afternoon family event with all of us snuggled up on the sofa on a wet afternoon with drinks and popcorn and maybe a few sweeties!!!

  7. michaela atkins says

    we would all sit down with popcorn and crisps n sweets and pretend we are at the cinema , as our nearest is about an hours drive each way on the bus as we dont drive. so dvds is the way to go in our house

  8. Karen Usher says

    Sunday night movie, which we do every week! Sit down, popcorn, crisps, cordial and try to watch the movie….doesn’t always work out well with a 2 year old! We do try :)

  9. Ruth Harwood says

    We’d get out the ice cream, turn out the lights and put on a few candles and watch it together, my son and I :)

  10. Julie McLaren says

    We would have “movie night” or “movie knight” in this instance. Lights down, popcorn and ice cream!

  11. Sarah Scoulding says

    I would have a film night with my chikdren where for dinner we have (all the unhealthy) popcorn crisp pizza dips ect and watch the film .

  12. Zoe Roxby says

    We have a projector and 60inch projector screen so I would have my two boys and invite my nieces and nephews around cook a pizza, some popcorn and some juice all snuggle up on the corner sofa and sit and watch it


    Tell me about how you’d screen this movie in your house for the first time or tell me who you’d give it to.
    with my grandsons – all cwched up

  14. Tamsin Dean says

    would put it on in the living room, with everyone around all snuggled up – warm, with some hot chocolate and some other goodies

  15. Louise Ball-Gray says

    I would make sure the whole family is snuggled on the sofa, probably under slankets and blankets. We would eat lots of popcorn and maybe some pick and mix too.

  16. Joy Lawson says

    I’ve entered this for my husband! The biggest kid of the house. He took my daughter to see it (insisted!!) and has now been telling me he NEEDS to own the dvd to watch it again without the kids haha x

  17. Spencer Broadley says

    We would have nice night in on a Saturday with a takeaway (Saturday is only takeaway night, before you all start complaining)

  18. Deborah Worrall says

    We’d watch it on a Saturday afternoon. We all meet as a family at my uncles house – sometimes there are 30 of us crammed in! It would be lovely for the kids to watch this together and eat popcorn!

  19. Phyllis Ellett says

    Will be given it to our Grandaughter, the young ones are so lucky now with loads of great films coming out all the while. All we had was the summer and Christmas blockbusters at the cinema and with no DVD’s or videos we had to rely on what the TV could afford to buy. Wish I was 5 again now.

  20. Jennifer Rhymer says

    I’d keep it as a surprise from my 4 children then send them a fun invitation to a surprise film. I’d have drinks and chocolate ready, dim the lights and we’d all sit and watch Justin and the Knights of Valour together :)

  21. sarah bates says

    I’d like to give it to my boys (4&6) at the end of a easter egg hunt (planning ahead). Then we can all sit and scoff chocolate whilst we watch it :)

  22. Rachel Humphries says

    We would have a proper closed curtain screening in our house with tons of popcorn and a choc ice break in the middle. I would invite the childrens friends round too so the house would be pretty full.

  23. Georgia Keogh says

    We’d screen it in the conservatory, probably piled up under a load of blankets with some snacks and drinks. A great weekend evening with the weather we’ve been having recently!

  24. Sue Bowden says

    I would watch it on a Saturday afternoon with the grandchildren, with the curtains closed and the lights off, we’d pretend we were at the movies.

  25. simon orme says

    Watch it with my son daughter and wife the curtains closed popcorn and munchies with lots of sound just like the cinema

  26. zoe bryan says

    i would let my 2 youngest invite 2 friends over have popcorn juice and sweets and lets them camp out in the living room to watch it.

  27. Ruth Wollerton says

    My son would be dressed up in his knights costume with his pretend sword so he can mirror all the action on screen

  28. Elizabeth Smith says

    I’d sit my nephews in front of the TV to watch this, whilst I’ll have a really good gossip with their mum.

  29. Kerry Kilmister says

    My daughter would love to see this and we could curl up under a duvet on the sofa having cuddles with a bowl of popcorn.

  30. Nicola Holland says

    We have ‘movie nights’ as a family and make popcorn and fizzy drinks and watch a new film…so this would be perfect :)

  31. Doreen Mccarthy says

    I would give this to my 2 five year olds, they love a good film, and we would all sit down and watch it together.

  32. Kel Ellen Hirst says

    It would be the Perfect film for when my nephew is around as I think my girls would enjoy it too with their cousin there!

  33. tobysproudmummytoys says

    We would sit down on the sofa with some snacks and snuggle down to watch it on a rainy day perfect with my little knight Sir Messalot xxx

  34. christy beckett says

    We would all sit on the sofa with popcorn and juice. It would be lovely to snuggle and watch a dvd together.

  35. Hayley Todd says

    We would watch this over half-term this coming week, as part of our ‘movie-day’ where we sit all together and have a whole day of watching movies together, with lots of popcorn, sweets, crisps and hot-dogs and nachos for tea!

  36. Susanna Harvey says

    I would give this to my grandson who is always running around with his sword and shield and pretending his long suffering cats are his steeds lol

  37. Denielle Nicol says

    I would give this to my friends wee boy whos mum is due to have a new Baby any day now so could prob use the extra bit of entertainment, attention and quiet time.

  38. Holly Boyd says

    I would love a movie night with my children and popcorn snuggled under the duvet downstairs while it is still cold.

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