Losing A Milk Tooth

Losing a milk toothWe hit a milestone on Friday evening.  There’ve been a few of them over the years, afterall H is nearly 6 now (just 2 weeks to go).  This one seems like the end of an era really though: the end of early childhood and the beginning of a middle phase.  He lost his first milk tooth.

For a week or two one of his bottom teeth has been a little bit wobbly, but it didn’t seem to be loosening up very quickly.  After school though H managed to bash it his chin with a bit of car racing track.  He was in floods of tears and the tooth was sitting there at a bit of an angle.  It lasted through most of dinner, but eventually came out when he was eating a pear.  H managed to retrieve it from his mouth and we started to prepare for the tooth fairy.

We got the distinct impression that H wasn’t convinced that the tooth fairy really existed, but he wasn’t about to ask any awkward questions and risk missing out of some money.  At bedtime he was seen praying and when asked what he was praying about he said that he was asking that the tooth fairy bring him a bank-note and not a coin.    Closer questioning suggested that he didn’t just want any note either, but he was after a £20 one (although £10 would do)!  Visions of these milk teeth costing us a small fortune sprang to mind.  The consensus seemed to be that a £1 was more than reasonable, so our tooth fairy wasn’t about to break ranks and set the stakes any higher.



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    Cute! It is a milestone, isn’t it?! £1 has been the going rate here ever since my eldest lost his first tooth five years ago. It fascinates me the way my children have all lost their teeth at different times – my daughter just turned 7 and has lost eight, my younger son is 9 and a half and has also lost eight!
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    I remember my very first tooth fairy visit. I got 50p and was so cuffed I asked for a £1 the next time (I got 50p!). Hope H enjoys spending his tooth fairy money :)

  3. Anne Wallwin says

    Nice try H!!! L has lost 2 bottom teeth and when we saw the dentist last week he said the top 2 were abit wobbly and will drop out soon. Our babies are growing up too fast.

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    Oh wow, that is a milestone indeed. At least he didn\\\’t have to yank it out with string like I remember having to do. Sure my little madam will be a total diva when it\\\’s her turn!

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    He’s an opportunist – that one! My boy is 6 in October and although lots of girls in his class are losing teeth already, his seem remaining tightly stuck for the time being!

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    Lovely moment! My oldest is 6 and he has lost the bottom front two so far… Such a milestone :) I love that your son thought he could get £20 out of the tooth fairy, mind you, ours managed to wangle $5 for his first!

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